Single Site Security

$75.00 / month

Single Site Security.

The Single Site Security package will protect your site from spam, code injections, malware. You get up to 3 hours live support.

See more features below.

  • Site Scan
  • Site Detection
  • Site Protection
  • Site Blocking
  • File Repair(upto 3hrs search & destroy)
  • Core File Backups
  • Spam Blocker
  • Malware Removal
  • Privacy Protection
  • 24 Hour Support



maintenance-lockSecurity Features 

Site Scan

  • Remote scans
  • Frequent scans
  • Scheduled scans
  • Core file scans
  • Content scans
  • Malware scans
  • Backdoor scans
  • DNS scans

Site Detection 

  • Detect if Site is Spamvertized
  • Detect if Site IP is Generating Spam
  • Real-Time Traffic Display
  • Detect Top Content Leeches
  • Detect Detailed IP Info

Site Protection

  • Mobile Sign In
  • Comment Spam Filter
  • Disk Space Monitor
  • Strong Password Requirement
  • Detect Detailed IP Info
  • Track/Block IPs
  • Country Blocking
  • Block Fake Google Bots
  • Block Brute Force Attacks

File Repair 

Source code verification system detects modified files by comparing to original copy of core files. The security systems sends an alert of modified files and measures for repair.